SHANE - Search & Rescue's Mistake

I have been reading all the rescue stories that everyone has been posting
and this time the tears are "happy joyful tears." During the months of April,
May & June our rescue program was hit with a big tidal wave of BCs into our
program and also during this time, Sneakers (my wonderful rescue boy from the
Northridge Earthquake) was quite ill. All the rescues had been placed except
Shane at the time Sneakers went to the Sheep Pasture in Heaven. A lot of
people told me that I should keep one of the BCs to replace Sneakers. But, I
stood firm and said that no way will I do that. Hard headed and hurting at
the time.

Shane had 3 homes prior to being place in our program. From about 12 weeks to
8 months, Shane lived with a single women & what I was told her most loved
companion. But when Shane was about 8 months old she had to go into the
hospital. Shane then found a home with someone from the hospital (a single
man living in an apt.) for about a year! During this year, Shane was locked
up for 10-12 hours a day since the new owner had to work. By this time, he
was an active 18 month old BC. The man could not give him enough time and
became unhappy with some of the things that Shane started to do (much out of
boredom I am sure). Then Shane found a home with a family with a nice size
backyard and a young boy to play catch with him regularly. Shane was in
heaven! But just one year later, the family had problems, moving out of their
nice home into an apt. So, they went looking for a home to give Shane the
room and activities he needed.

They called me, and I took Shane into our program -- looking for just the
right home. This boy was so demanding about Frisbee or catching a ball. I was
spending between 3-4 hours each day of the week with him. He never tired!
Demanding more and more. Looked for Fly Ball Team, Frisbee people, drug
training, search & rescue training. My husband keep at me to keep this boy!
And I kept saying No!

Well, on the last day of June, a search & rescue team came by and checked
Shane over. They were please with his ball motivation and how he would find
the ball where ever they hide it. But when they found out he was over 2 -
they said no thanks too old. I was floored! Too old you say, you must be
kidding. They want only dogs around 12-18 months.

That night, for the first time, Shane jumped on the couch next to me, laid
down and went to sleep. This is surprising -- since the only time I could
ever seem to turn him off was to kennel. Oh, well, maybe just a busy active
day I throught. Even he must get tired.

The next morning after chores were done and treats where given to each of my
BCs and Shane - Shane surprised us again -- he ran directly toward the my
stallion's corral. My heart sank-thinking now I am in trouble -- he is going
for Major! But what a double surprise to both myself & my husband. Shane
rounded the corral toward the line of shade trees right to Sneaker's grave
and laid his treat at Sneaker's headstone. As Shane turned to me with those
BC's eyes, my husband said "Now can we keep him?" Tears running down my face,
I knew somehow Shane knew that Triple S Ranch was to be his home, that my
husband knew it and Sneakers was in agreement so the heaviest weight that had
been riding within me had lifted.

So on July 1, the decision was made final and Shane became a member of our
home. He loves the mini-ranch life. He is still extremely active and
demanding on having a ball or Frisbee tossed to him (we are down to 2 hours a
day). But he has work each morning and evening (which makes up another 2
hours of work). So he still gets his 4 hours a day!

Working rescue, I try not to get toooo close to them, or I just might have
100 BCs. I am so glad that I finally figured out what everyone else knew --
that Shane was finally home.

Sorry about the long post - I love my registered girls but I have always
believed that if you love the breed - LOVE A WONDER RESCUE - Their love
returned to you is soooo special and wonderful. Rescues are Great.