Just wanted to give you an update on what a success our first day was! Max
traveled well all the way, although he wanted to sit very close to Kevin, but Kevin wasn't
complaining, he loved it. While at our friends' house, he was a perfect
gentleman! No one there could believe that such a young pup could behave so
well! We didn't get back home  until midnight. I have to admit, I
was nervous about introducing Max to my 6-year-old border collie, Jazzmin.
Ideally, I wanted to have them meet outside, on the sidewalk, but due to the
late hour, I was concerned about Jazzmin barking a lot and waking the
neighbors. So the introduction was made inside. And I have to tell you, it
was the funniest thing I've ever seen! Jazzmin growled and herded poor Max
about the house for about 30 minutes, and I wasn't feeling optomistic. And
then at one point, Max ran into another room, with Jazzmin growling behind
him. By then I was really concerned so I followed behind to make sure
Jazzmin didn't get overly aggressive with Max. But to my surprise, by the
time I got into the next room, Max was chasing Jazzmin! And then the play
started! They bounced around, rolled around, licked one another like they
were long-lost buds! It was so great!

Bobbie, thanks again. Max is such a sweetie, and is already part of the
family. (Especially now that Jazzmin loves him!)

received via email the same day max was adopted