When Burton came to live with us, all his white was pink!  He had been living with "punk rockers" and they wanted him to fit in.  He didn't know many commands, but he did respond to "chill-out".   Well now he knows "Thatl'do" and many others, but "chill" still gets his attention  Counting his foster home, Burton had 5 homes before coming to live with us. Even though he's lived with us for over 2 years, he still worries about being left.

We originally got him to be the "ears" for our deaf Border Collie girl.  He does a great job of that, which has given her a lot of confidence and he continues to fill that role well.  We can ask him to "go get Misty" and he will find her for us.  This is very helpful when you have a dog who likes to sleep in hidden places

Burton has become our ambassador.  He is very good working with the public.  He goes with us to public education events like Pet Fairs and Scottish Games. He can spend all day being petted by hundreds of sticky fingered children and playing ball, and be as friendly at the end of the day as when he started (which is more than I can say for myself).   He serves as a terrific example of what the breed is and can be.

No one gives ribbons or titles for what Burton does, but we think he deserves one, so with the sufferance of BCSA, staged the photo above.

Burton is a terrific dog who is very reliable in any situation.  When potential adopters meet him, they often say, "We want a dog like Burton".  Well, we think Burton is unique and we are very lucky to have him.